WOS publications

Adamčík S., Caboň M., Eberhardt U., Saba M., Hampe F., Slovák M., Kleine J., Marxmüller H., Jančovičová S., Pfister D.H., Khalid A.N., Kolařík M., Marhold K., Verbeken A. 2016. A molecular analysis reveals hidden species diversity within the current concept of Russula maculata (Russulaceae, Basidiomycota). Phytotaxa 270(2): 071–088. doi: 10.11646/phytotaxa.270.2.1 (1.318 IF 2014/2015).

Fačkovcová Z., Senko D., Svitok M., Guttová A. 2017: Ecological niche conservatism shapes the distributions of lichens: geographical segregation does not reflect ecological differentiation. Preslia 89: 63-85. (IF 2,711).

PhD thesis

Miroslav Caboň: Systematic position and delimitation of European members in Russula subsect. Urentes and R. subsect. Rubrinae, supervisor: S. Adamčík, 09/2013–08/2017, PhD student is member of the research team.

Zuzana Fačkovcová: Analysis of the origin and diversification of the genus Solenopsora (lichens, Catillariaceae) in the Western Carpathians, supervisor: A. Guttová, 09/2013–08/2017, PhD student is member of the research team.

Oral presentations and posters

Adamčík S., Caboň M., Looney B. P., Hampe F., Senko S., Vizzini A., Jančovičová S., Kleine J., Marxmüller H., Slovák M., Kolařík M., Verbeken A., Moreau P.-A., Eberhardt, U., 2016. Russula maculata lineage: unexpected species diversity hidden behind striking field characters. Russulales Workshop 2016, November 7 –12, 2016, Piombino, Italy [oral presentation].

Jančovičová S., Caboň M., Adamčík S., Slovák M., Hampe F., Eberhardt U., Vizzini A., Kolařík M., Verbeken A., Looney B.P. 2016. Reconsidering of species diversity and delimitation of Russula sect. Maculatinae based on molecular data. Commission for the Study of Macromycetes (Russian Botanical Society) XIV Workshop, August 21–28, 2016, Kazan, Russia [poster].

Fačkovcová Z., Zozomová-Lihová J., Slovák M., Kučera J., Piknová K., Timdal E., Martellos S., Ongaro S., Guttová A. 2016. Towards taxonomy, phylogeography and ecology of Solenopsora species (Leprocaulaceae) – elements with a strong link to Mediterranean-type ecosystems. In Lichens in Deep Time. Abstract book. The 8th IAL Symposium, August 1–5, 2016, Helsinki, Finland. – Helsinki: University of Helsinki: Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS: International Association for Lichenology, p. 131. [poster].