Department of Plant Physiology

The research activities of the Department of Plant Physiology are focused on the processes involved in root cell morphogenesis and structural and physiological responses of plants to stressful conditions. The study of abiotic stresses, especially metal toxicity (Al, Zn, Ni, Cd) are directed to the areas such as metal interactions with the cytoskeletal components, signal transduction process (e.g. MAP kinases), spatiotemporal pattering of ROS and oxidative damages and the expression and activity of ROS-generating enzymes together with induction of specific genes responsible for antioxidative defence in the different parts of root tips. The research on biochemical and physiological aspects of drought tolerance and salinity are concentrated on adaptive responses of plants to drought. Microscopic, immunoflourescene and molecular biology techniques are promising approaches to understanding the mechanism of plant resistance to stressful conditions. Economically important plant species e.g. Brassica napus, Hordeum vulgare, Vicia sativa, Zea mays, as well as some model plants (Arabidopsis thaliana, Lotus japonicus) are used as experimental material. Our effort is partially directed also on the impact of toxigenic fungi ( Aspergilus, Penicilium, Alternaria and Fusarium spp.) and their products – mycotoxins on the life cycle of host plants and disease control.

The Department´s research activities are realized in well equipped laboratories (laboratory of abiotic stresses, laboratory of plant physiology, laboratory of electrophysiology, laboratory of light and fluorescence microscopy and laboratory of molecular biology) in collaboration with leading laboratories in abroad (University of Bristol, UK, University of Bonn, Germany, University of Vienna, Austria, University of Seville, Spain, University of Barcelona, Spain, ISPA/CNR Bari, Italia).

Head of department: RNDr. Miroslava Luxová, CSc.
Deputy Head of department: RNDr. Ivana Fialová, PhD.
Name / Position E-mail Phone
Bočová, Beáta Ing. 02/ 5942 6113
Fiala, Roderik Mgr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6131
Fialová, Ivana RNDr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6118
Huttová, Jana Ing. 02/ 5942 6119
Jásik, Ján Doc. RNDr., DrSc. 02/ 5942 6135
Jašková, Katarína Mgr. 02/ 5942 6118
Lešková, Alexandra Mgr., PhD. 02/ 5942 6131
Liptáková, Ľubica Mgr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6119
Luxová, Miroslava RNDr., CSc.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6115
Mravíková, Irena 02/ 5942 6117
Repka, Vladimír RNDr., CSc.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6134
Tamás, Ladislav RNDr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6116
Vaculík, Marek RNDr., PhD.

scientific researcher
Vaculíková, Miroslava Mgr.

PhD student 02/ 5942 6121
Valentovičová, Katarína Mgr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6121
Zelinová, Veronika Mgr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6121