Department of Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Our studies are focused on phenomena of (micro-)evolutionary processes in vascular plants, including polyploidy (whole genome duplication), cytotype coexistence and spatial distribution, hybridization, and geographic, ecological or reproductive isolation. Within our groups of interest, these processes are often connected with cryptic speciation or apomixis. We also investigate processes responsible for shaping genetic diversity associated with the reconstruction of the glacial and postglacial history of the European flora and vegetation. Specifically, we aim to identify glacial refugia, colonization routes, contact zones, and interactions among taxa and genetic lineages. Further, we study ecological (niche) differentiation between taxa (species or cytotypes). We perform our studies on wider biogeographic scales, covering entire geographical units or other natural regions such as the Carpathians, the Alps, Pannonia, the Mediterranean, and even the whole of Europe and parts of Asia and northern Africa. We address questions associated with the above mentioned spheres mainly within the following vascular plant families: Asteraceaegenera Centaurea s. l. (incl. Cyanus), Picris, Pilosella, Senecio s. l. (incl. Jacobaea), Tephroseris; Brassicaceae – Alyssum,Arabidopsis, Cardamine; Poaceae – Sesleria; Primulaceae – Cyclamen, Soldanella, and Violaceae – Viola.


The multivolume book Flora of Slovakia, which is prepraring at the department from 1966, significantly contributes to the knowledge of the diversity of Carpathian and Pannonian plant taxa. It represent the most important reference source on the flora of Slovakia not only for scientists, but also for decision makers.


An important part of our research efforts is the development of biodiversity e-infrastructures – databases mostly available online, that serve as a tool for presenting our results and as an infrastructure supporting both our own research and international cooperation with other scientists.


Research activities also concern applied research, the implementation of European environmental legislation, mainly the Council Directive 92/43/EHS on the Conservation of natural habitats, in connection to the establishment of the Natura 2000 network.


Research facilities of the Department include the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics that provides modern equipment enabling phylogenetic, taxonomic and phylogeographic studies, the Karyological Laboratory and the Laboratory of Flow Cytometry that are equipped for chromosome number counting, determination of ploidy level and genome size. Plant material studied is being kept in the Herbarium of the Institute of Botany (SAV).


Head of department: Ing. Jaromír Kučera, PhD.
Deputy Head of department: RNDr. Pavol Mereďa, PhD.
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Bročková, Denisa 02/ 5942 6144
Goliašová, Kornélia RNDr., CSc.

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Kráľovičová, Eva Ing.

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Kučera, Jaromír Ing., PhD.

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Letz, Dominik Roman RNDr., PhD.

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Marhold, Karol prof. RNDr., CSc.

senior scientist; member of scientific council 02/ 5942 6128
Melichárková, Andrea Mgr., PhD.

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Mereďa, Pavol RNDr., PhD.

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Senko, Dušan RNDr., PhD.

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Skokanová, Katarína RNDr., PhD.

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Slovák, Marek Mgr., PhD.

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Smatanová, Janka Mgr.
Šingliarová, Barbora RNDr., PhD.

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Šlenker, Marek Mgr.

PhD student
Španiel, Stanislav RNDr., PhD.

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Zozomová, Judita Mgr., PhD.

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