Interakcie oxidu dusnatého, fytohormónov a aktívnych foriem kyslíka v odpovedi koreňa jačmeňa na ťažké kovy
Nitric oxide, phytohormones and reactive oxygen species interactions in barley root responses to heavy metals
Program: VEGA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: RNDr. Tamás Ladislav PhD.
Annotation: Survival of terrestrial plants relies on highly coordinated signalling mechanisms to adjust their morphology and metabolism to ever-changing environment. It is well known that hormones and reactive oxygen species (ROS) play a key role in the regulation of plant stress responses. In recent years, nitric oxide (NO) signalling was implicated in the modulation of both ROS and hormonal equilibrium in different plant species under various stress conditions. Components of the same as well as the distinct signalling pathways intensively interact among themselves integrating the internal ontogenic and external signals into morphogenic and metabolic responses in order to maximize survivability also under extreme conditions. In order to gain more insight into the role of NO in the interaction of hormones and ROS, the aim of the present project is the analysis of potential relationships between NO, ROS and hormones in the regulation of heavy metal-induced responses in barley root tip.
Duration: 1.1.2016 – 31.12.2019