Skríning a transformácia dát z modelových centier biodiverzity pre pochopenie ekologických a fylogenetických vzťahov vybraných vzácnych a ohrozených druhov húb
Screening and transformation of data of model centers of biodiversity for understanding of ecological and phylogenetical relationships of rare and endangered species of fungi
Program: VEGA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: Mgr. Kučera Viktor PhD.
Annotation: Fungi represent one of the richest groups of organisms (estimation 1.5 mil. species) and are also endangered by human activities. Decrease or spread of species could significantly influence biodiversity and cause negative changes in biological systems. Because knowledge of biodiversity and distribution, and taxonomy of rare and endangered species of fungi may contribute significantly to accurate management of the environment, endangered species of fungi listed in the Red list of fungi of Slovakia are the target group for this project. Material collected in selected model centers of biodiversity will be studied by morphometric and molecular methodologies. Joint research will allow to share facilities of the partner institutions and to train young researchers in field and analytical methodologies. Results of the project will be presented in scientific journals and on conferences, and they will be implemented also in management strategies and in selection of Important Fungus Areas (IFA).
Duration: 1.1.2015 – 31.12.2018