Diverzita a disperzia v metapopuláciách a metaspoločenstvách malých vodných biotopov
Diversity and dispersal in metapopulations and metacommunities of small aquatic biotopes
Program: VEGA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: RNDr. Čiamporová – Zaťovičová Zuzana PhD.
Annotation: Project is aimed at small aquatic biotopes, very important regarding their biodiversity, yet often overlooked and understudied. Project is logically linked to previous projects of team members. Proposed is reasonable improvement of datasets on communities of natural biotopes in lowland and mountain regions, new data will be acquired on human impacted areas, including robust environmental data. Macrophytes, molluscs, zooplankton and aquatic insects were chosen as model groups due to their indication value, different ecological requirements and function in food webs. Main goal is to understand patterns of biological diversity of small water bodies, emphasizing 1) evaluation of the importance of different biotope types for biodiversity preservation, 2) assessment of dispersal and habitat features roles in metacommunity structure and 3) describing extent of connectivity within metapopulations. Reaching the goals will improve effective conservation of aquatic ecosystems – important component of global environment.
Duration: 1.1.2017 – 31.12.2020
Vplyv krajiny a regulácií na spoločenstvá bentosu tečúcich vôd.
Impact of regulations of the country and the communities benthos flowing water
Program: VEGA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: RNDr. Illýová Marta PhD.
Annotation: The aim of the project is to find out the development of influence of environmental factors in undisturbed and degradate streams of river landscape. Undisturbed mountain and submountain streams, as well as the streams affected by the wind calamity and deforestation have been selected as model research objects. The research will be aimed at the determination of microhabitat preferences of selected taxa, as well as the evaluation of long term development of big Slovak rivers. The assessment of the impact of regulations on these rivers will be done,too. We want to investigate the impact of hydroclimate on the temperature regime of stream and the temperature preference of water organisms. We will focus on hierarchically different spectrum of aquatic organism, and the chosen isotopes of chemical elements in hydrobionts and their prey, in different geological and ecological environment, ecological metrics, indexes of river floodplain streams, species characteristics and phylogenetic relatioships of macrozoobenthos.
Duration: 1.1.2016 – 31.12.2019