Tradičné ekologické poznatky pre ochranu a obnovu travinno-bylinných biotopov
Traditional ecological knowledge for grassland conservation and restoration
Program: VEGA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: Mgr. Janišová Monika PhD.
Annotation: Recent crisis in biodiversity conservation of high nature value grasslands and failures of the Common Agriculture Policy of the EU ask for new effective solutions. Semi-natural grasslands evolved through a long-lasting low-intensity human land use, thus their biodiversity can be most effectively preserved by simulation of traditional agricultural practices. In the project we focus on a detail analysis of grassland phytodiversity in close relation with its historical development and traditional land use. The regions of the Eastern and Central Europe with well maintained traditional rural culture belong to the key study areas. Obtaining of high-value biological, ecological and ethnological data on the selected sites should guarantee the proper interpretation of the gathered traditional ecological knowledge. This can become a valuable scientific material for future adjustment of socio-political mechanisms in the realm of grassland conservation and restoration and sustainable land use.
Duration: 1.1.2019 – 31.12.2022