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My research focusses on ecological processes across spatial-temporal scales. This bridges between the control of species biogeography by larger-scale drivers - landscape-scale habitat structure, ecological and environmental variables - and the species/assemblages response to internal habitat dynamics.

Lichens are adapted on the habitat they occur by specific light, climate substratum conditions and with ecological strategies. Knowledge of ecological indicator values of terricolous lichens allowing applications in functional ecology and macroecology in lichen-rich vegetation types in currently developed large-scale vegetation surveys.

My research aims to study lichen`s assemblages, especially terricolous lichens. The main interest is their interaction in lichen rich vascular plant communities within Central-European acidic aeolian sands and alpine habitats, which belonging to NATURA 2000 network. to compare dynamics and diversity of lichen assemblages with respect to environmental conditions and successional stages between different regions.

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