Welcome to Jozef Šibík's webpage

Personal details

Present position:
- Senior Researcher at Institute of Botany SAS
- Visiting Scientist – Research Scholar at Colorado State University

Membership of professional bodies:
- Member of Scientific Council of the Institute of Botany SAS (since 2009)
- Zoning committee of Tatra National Park established by Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic (since 2011)

Work history:
- Since Jan/2013 – Department of Forest & Rangeland Stewardship, Colorado State University, U.S. The long-term effects of livestock grazing on alpine tundra in the western U.S.
- 2003–present – Institute of Botany SAS, survey of high-altitude communities and biotopes, ecology of mountain ecosystems
- Oct/2007–Dec/2007 – Department of Botany & Zoology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Research and survey of high-altitude communities of Western Cape (South Africa)
- 2002–2005 – Research, mapping and survey of high-altitude vegetation of Slovakia (NATURA 2000 etc.)

- English
- French (basic)
- Russian (basic)
- Lakota (basic)
Computer skills:
- Databases, GIS software (ESRI Arcmap), statistical software (Canoco, Statistica, Syntax etc.), Graphical software (Photoshop, Capture NX2 etc.)
Driving license:
- Since 2000 (category B)
Interests and Achievements:
- Photography, ethnology, trekking, alpine touring skiing, climbing

Prestige awards received:
- Sillinger’s award in 2005 (awarded to young scientists by Slovak Botanical Society for the best original scientific paper)
- Literary foundation award for the best original scientific literature in 2007 in the category of biological and medical sciences (awarded to the best scientists for the best original scientific and professional literature)
- Holuby’s commemorative award in 2009 (awarded by Slovak Botanical Society)
- Honorable mention in 2010 for the best original scientific publication of the year 2010 in the competition of young scientists awarded by Presidium of Slovak Academy of Sciences

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