Welcome to Zuzana Ballová's webpage

Personal details

Year ofbirth: 1987
Present position: PhD. Student

Work history:
- 2012 – present - Institute of Botany SAS, survey of high-altitude communities and biotops, ecology of mountain ecosystems, study the effect of grazing by marmots and sheep on diversity and representation of functional groups in selected alpine communities along environmental and geographic gradients
- 2011 – 2012 - Institute of high mountain biology, University of Žilina, research and survey of Tatra marmot habitat selection, small mammals ecology

- English (advanced)
- German (basic)
Computer skills:
- Statistical software (Canoco, Statistica, Syntax, etc.), GIS software (ESRI Arcmap), Graphical software (Photoshop)
Driving license:
- Since 2005 (category B)
Interests and Achievements:
- Photography, trekking

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