Institute of Botany SAS carries out basic research in the field of systematic botany, geobotany and plant physiology. Key research topics are:

  • diversity and evolutionary relationships of non-vascular and vascular plants and plant communities, preferentially on the territory of Slovakia, further in the context of the Carpathians, adjacent Pannonian plain, as well as the Alps and other regions, with the aim to know the flora, to understand variability and evolution of target taxonomical groups and plant communities
  • experimental study of structure and function of plant organisms on different organisational levels and their response to abiotic and biotic factors with the aim to discover the causality mechanisms of the on-going processes and the mechanisms regulating these processes

Institute of Botany SAS keeps the infrastructure, which enables to carry out high-quality projects and to open new possibilities to enlarge home and international scientific cooperation. The Institute is external nursery for PhD study in the department of botany and plant physiology. Research staff is involved in supervision of bachelor, diploma and PhD thesis of students, predominantly from Natural History Faculty, Comenius University Bratislava, next from Faculty of natural sciences, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica nad Charles University in Prague. As a long-term task, the staff builds botanical information resources (Botanical Information System, Central database of phytocenological relevés, collections/herbaria „SAV“, library). The Institute is involved in large international cooperations including bilateral and multilateral projects and European projects. The Institute participates in internation projects Flora Europaea, Atlas Flora Europaeae, Synopsis of European Vegetation and Vegetation map of Europe.