Department of Geobotany

The main study object of the Department of Geobotany is the vegetation of the Carpathian and Pannonian regions and other parts of Europe. We study the structure, development, and history of plant communities; we focus on their classification, dynamics, ecological characteristics and invasion by non-native species with special interest to Carpathian and Pannonian region. We have both botanists and zoologists in our team. Viewing the study objects in the light of several branches of knowledge enables us to study habitats more comprehensively.

Our research activities are focused on the following topics:

• Vegetation ecology

1) Diversity and ecology of grasslands
2) Vegetation ecology of forest ecosystems
3) Arctic and alpine vegetation and its dynamics
4) Ecological restoration of habitats
5) Vegetation classification

• Ecosystem synanthropization

• Remote vegetation survey

• Biodiversity and ecology of aquatic ecosystems

1) Aquatic ecosystems diversity
2) Ecology of aquatic organisms and their communities
3) Genetic structure of the populations of aquatic species
4) Sustainable management of endangered species (applied research)
Head of department: Mgr. Iveta Škodová, PhD.
Deputy Head of department: RNDr. Jana Májeková, PhD.
Name / Position E-mail Phone
Bazalová, Denisa Mgr.

PhD student 02/ 5942 6179
Čahojová, Lucia Mgr.

PhD student
Čejka, Tomáš Ing., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6127
Čiampor, Fedor RNDr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6125
Čiamporová-Zaťovičová, Zuzana RNDr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6125
Dítě, Daniel RNDr., PhD.

senior researcher 0905 524 086
Dítě, Zuzana Mgr. , PhD.

junior researcher
Dúbravková, Daniela RNDr., PhD.

junior researcher 042/ 4323 765
Galvánek, Dobromil Mgr., PhD.

senior researcher 0908 592 598
Hrivnák, Richard Ing., PhD.

senior researcher 045/ 5320 313
Ivascu, Alina – Sorina Mgr.

PhD student
Janišová, Monika Mgr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6174
Jarolímek, Ivan RNDr., CSc.

leading researcher 02/ 5942 6177
Klačanová, Simona Mgr.

PhD student
Májeková, Jana RNDr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6176
Majerová, Monika Mgr., PhD.

junior researcher 02/ 5942 6180
Michalková, Michaela Mgr.

PhD student
Pekárik, Ladislav Mgr., PhD.

senior researcher
Slezák, Michal Ing. , PhD.

junior researcher
Svitková, Ivana RNDr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6168
Šibík, Jozef RNDr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6168
Šibíková, Mária Mgr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6177
Škodová, Iveta Mgr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6174
Treplanová, Dagmar

technical assistant 02/ 5942 6171
Valachovič, Milan RNDr., DrSc.

leading researcher 02/ 5942 6178
Vantarová, Katarína Mgr., PhD.

senior researcher, Biologia, Managing Editor section Botany 02/ 5942 6173
Zaliberová, Mária RNDr., CSc.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6176