Department of Plant Physiology

The aim of the research work at the Department of Plant Physiology is to study the physiological and structural responses of plants to environmental stress conditions, and the subsequent understanding of the mechanisms of plant adaptation to unfavorable conditions focusing on abiotic stress. Recently, the work is focused on topics such as the role of plant synaptotagmines in stress responses, multi-level regulation of iron transporters and plant cell polarity. Furthermore, studies about the function and interactions of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species together with auxin signalling in roots after metal exposure are also being done. The research is also aimed at monitoring the potential of silicon (Si) to alleviate abiotic stress. The department has at its disposal the laboratories of: abiotic stress, plant physiology, cell biology and microscopy; where the work with proteins and nucleic acids, analysis of gene expression, study of enzyme kinetics, structural and ultrastructural cell analysis, cultivation of plant material, also in vitro, and more are carried out. As model organisms, the following plants are used: Zea mays, Hordeum vulgare, Arabidopsis thaliana, etc. Our workplace cooperates with similar workplaces in Slovakia, with Science Park and Faculties of Natural Sciences of universities UK and UPJŠ; and abroad with the universities of Bon, Vienna, Krakow and Beijing.

Head of department: RNDr. Miroslava Luxová, CSc.
Deputy Head of department: RNDr. Ivana Fialová, PhD.
Name / Position E-mail Phone
Bočová, Beáta Ing. 02/ 5942 6113
Fiala, Roderik Mgr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6114
Fialová, Ivana RNDr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6115
Huttová, Jana Ing. 02/ 5942 6119
Chirappuranthu Sukumaran Nair, Vidya MSc.

PhD student 02/ 5942 6118
Jásik, Ján doc. RNDr., DrSc. 02/ 5942 6129
Jašková, Katarína Mgr. 02/ 5942 6117
Kumar, Ajay MSc.

PhD student 02/ 5942 6131
Liptáková, Ľubica Mgr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6119
Luxová, Miroslava RNDr., CSc.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6115
Mašírová, Eliška Mgr.

PhD student 02/ 5942 6114
Mravíková, Irena 02/ 5942 6117
Tamás, Ladislav RNDr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6116
Vaculík, Marek doc. RNDr., PhD.

scientific researcher
02/ 5942 6121
Vaculíková, Miroslava Mgr.

PhD student 02/ 5942 6121
Valentovičová, Katarína Mgr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6121
Zelinová, Veronika Mgr., PhD.

scientific researcher 02/ 5942 6121