Department of Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Our studies are focused on vascular plants from temperate zone with special interest to Carpathians, Pannonian and Mediterannean regions. Subjects of the research studies are mainly taxonomically complicated groups and polyploids, invasive and non-native plants as well as endemic and protected species.

Reasearch projects of the Department are in frame of basic research focused on the following topics:

• study of microevolutionary and speciation processes, systematics and evolution of vascular plants, including taxonomic revisions,

• analysis of reproductive and adaptation strategies of vascular plants,

floristic-chorological inventory of selected regions or localities,

• modeling the potential spread of species and predicting their future occurrence,

• building of the global and national botanical information system databases,

• publishing a multi-volume work “Flora of Slovakia” belonging to the basic surveys on the knowledge of the Slovakian flora.

Research activities of the Department also include applied research. Within it, department staff contribute to the implementation of European and national environmental legislation, in particular the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC in connection with the establishment of Natura 2000 and Act No. 543/2002 about nature and landscape protection. They are also involved in the collection of seeds of wild Carpathian and Pannonian vascular plant species for the worldwide Millennium Seed Bank project, Kew (UK). Project aims to preserve the genetic biodiversity of our planet’s flora by storing of seeds in seed bank at Kew and in the National Seed Bank in Piešťany.

Research facilities of the Department include the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics that provides molecular-genetics analyses of plant DNA, the Karyological Laboratory and the Laboratory of Flow Cytometry that are equipped for chromosome number counting, determination of ploidy level and genome size. Plant material studied is being kept in the Herbarium of the Institute of Botany (acronym SAV).

Head of department: Ing. Jaromír Kučera, PhD.
Deputy Head of department: RNDr. Pavol Mereďa, PhD.
Name / Position E-mail Phone
Bročková, Denisa 02/ 5942 6144
Caboňová, Michaela RNDr., PhD.
Gajdošová, Zuzana Mgr.

PhD student
Goliašová, Kornélia RNDr., CSc.

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Hodálová, Iva RNDr. , CSc.

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Kempa, Matúš Mgr., PhD. 02/ 5942 6145
Komárová, Zlata 02/ 5942 6165
Kráľovičová, Eva Ing.

IAPT Managing Secretary 02/ 5942 6151
Kučera, Jaromír Ing., PhD.

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Letz, Dominik Roman RNDr., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5942 6146
Marhold, Karol prof. RNDr., DrSc.

senior scientist; member of scientific council 0910128891
Melichárková, Andrea Mgr., PhD.

researcher 02/ 5942 6153
Mereďa, Pavol RNDr., PhD.

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Miháliková, Tatiana Mgr. 02/ 5942 6147
Michalková, Eleonóra RNDr., CSc.

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Polakovičová, Viera 02/ 5942 6157
Pribulová, Katarína Mgr. 02/ 5942 6144
Senko, Dušan RNDr., PhD.

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Skokanová, Katarína RNDr., PhD.

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Slovák, Marek Mgr., PhD.

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Smatanová, Janka Mgr.
Šingliarová, Barbora RNDr., PhD.

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Španiel, Stanislav RNDr., PhD.

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Zozomová, Judita Mgr., PhD.

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