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The Bibliographia Botanica Slovaca project

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I am an associate administrator to the processing of the botanical database Bibliographia Botanica Slovaca. This database refers to floristic, phytogeographic, systematic, and other publications of the Slovak botanists and follows previously issued and well-known Bibliography to the Flora of the Czechoslovak Republic, and the series Bibliographia Botanica Čechoslovaca. The latest ceased to exist after the split of Czechoslovakia in 1993 (the Czech botanists proceed by publishing Bibliographia Botanica Čechica). Since that, the running of the Bibliography confronted, chiefly, with financial problems, though, the initial part of it was prepared by the Dpt. of Geobotany in 1999-2000. The work was resumed in 2003, this time using the new software.

The bibliography comprises the data on the publications of the Slovak botanists, physiologists, ecologists, specialists in forestry, nature conservation etc. issued in scientific and non-scientific periodicals and non-periodicals at home and abroad, the publications of non-Slovak botanists on the Slovakian flora, the academic degree theses, reviews, in short - ALL that somehow belongs to botany. Now, the data on the publications from 1993-1995 are being processed and the bibliography of all scientific botanical periodicals from this period is ready. As the database is also designed as an electronic surveyor, it structure allows searching a required citation by:

Every bibliographic search requires passing each publication through hands, thus it is the assignment for more than one person for more years. The compilation of whatever bibliography is always labour demanding; the only thing that keeps us optimistic is the awareness of its usefulness not only for the Slovak and foreign botanists, who to it is primarily designated, but also for the specialists of applied botany in forestry, landscape ecology, sustainable development planning, horticulture, etc. Based on thoroughly treated enters, the Bibliography offers a wide view on the history of botanical research and nature conservation in the country pertaining so to the national and corporate culture.

Due to the great size of bibliographic material to be processed, we are trying to establish a financial ground for the Bibliography development, which assumes the involvement of a programmer and, at least, of one more administrator, along the performance of the bibliographic search outside the Institute of Botany SAS. The Bibliography publication, either in the electronic or printed form, also includes certain expenditures. I will be greatly indebted to you for any constructive offer, information, or suggestion concerned with its possible financing, that could be mailed on specially designed address bibliobot@savba.sk. Eventual native or foreign sponsorship will be highly appreciated.

The twenty-eight volumes of botanical bibliography issued before 1993 provide a comprehensive overview of botanical publications on the vegetation of Slovakia and neighbouring areas during several centuries. The continuity of botanical bibliography founded by J. Futák and continued by V. Skalický and Z. Neuhäuslová should be preserved.

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