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Since 1990 up to present Mr. Valachovič is working on Institute of Botany as a head of national projects focused on survey of Vegetation units of Slovakia. The main research topics are various plant communities occurred in Region of Carpathians and Pannonia, mostly the pioneer plant communities on screes and rocks. These were study from the point of view of ecological and phytogeographical variability and dynamics.

Since 1992 dr. Valachovič was several times a delegate in Rome (ITA) as a national co-ordinator into working group for preparing of European Vegetation Survey (EVS). The aim of this group is to unify methods and developing common data standarts for phytosociological databases. See also CDF (in Slovak only). Application research is focused on practical use of knowledge of vegetation research into nature conservation e.g. NATURA 2000 (Dr. Valachovic is co-author of Catalogue of biotopes) or under the Carpathian Ecoregion Initiative (CERI).

In last decades he cooperates with Czech botanists at the international projects aimed on biodiversity of boreal and steppe vegetation in the Siberia (Masaryk University Brno) and partly also in the Korean Peninsula (IoB Pruhonice).

European vegetation survey (EVS)
Carpathian Ecoregion Initiative

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