MEM Visiting researchers


Chance Noffsinger
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA, a visit from 13th to 22th March 2022 funded by National Science Foundation grant (DEB-2030779). Chance is a PhD. student of prof. Brandon Matheny. He was focusing on adopting of microscopic techniques used for Russula morphology standards and Global Fungi data mining. We are preparing a study about delimitation and ecology of two boreal Russula species occurring in Rocky Mts. The photo show him with our lab members, from left Vasilii Shapkin, Miroslav Caboň and Chance Noffsinger.


Cathrin Manz
Goethe Univestity, Germany, two visits, first at 9th to 16th December 2020, second supported by scientific mobility project DAAD 57561196 at 1st to 14th December 2021 Cathrin is a PhD. student of prof. Meike Piepenbring and Slavomir is her co-advisor. She prepared phylogeny of Russula sect. Roseinae in Panama including description of four new species ( During her second visit she was dealing with descriptions of Russula collections from Benin.


Felix Hampe
From Germany is a passionate mycologist organising citizen science research in Germany. He has a big heart for Russula. He accompanied Cathrin Manz during her both visits. He supported our research by observations on European Russula.


Benjamin Avis
From Indiana University Northwest, Indiana, USA, travel fellowship of Indiana University Northwest, USA, 3rd February 2020 to 14th March 2020. Ben made full micromorphological descriptions of two North American foetid Russulas, we wait for a good season to improve our sampling in multilocus phylogeny and our knowledge of field aspect of the species. He visited us at the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic and had to finish his stay few days before expected stay end.


Munazza Kiran
From University of Punjab, Pakistan, two stays supported by fellowship of National Scholarship program SAIA, 1st April to 31st May 2019, 20th February 2020 to 12th July 2020. The first stay of Munazza was aimed to Russula systematics and resulted to new Russula species descriptions including a comprehensive study about bioclimatic adaptations of the Russula globispora lineage ( During the second stay she helped with our research of Dermoloma diversity


Michelle Vera Castellanos
From Rosario University, Bogotá, Colombia, visit supported by IAPT travel grant, 4th June to 5th July 2019, Michelle was undergraduate university student of Dr. Adriana Corrales. She prepared data for publication about diversification of ectomycorrhizal Russula species along the Isthmus of Panama (


Ruben de Lange
From Ghent University, Department of Biology, Research Group Mycology, visit from 5th to 12th December 2018. Ruben visited us as a PhD student of prof. Annenmieke Verbeken. Slavomír was his co-advisor. We focused on the analysis of pileipellis structure and chemical reactions of microscopic elements in Russula albonigra lineage. The data were used in publication that includes phylogeny of European members of the lineage and description of five species, including three new to science (