MEM Finished projects


Distribution potential of different fungal trophic groups in Europe, Slovak Research and Development Agency project no. APVV 15-0210, years 2016-2020


Systematics and phylogeny of the genus Dermoloma in Europe and North America, Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and Slovak Academy of Sciences project no. VEGA 2/0018/18, years 2018-2021


Dermoloma is insufficiently known genus of basidiomycetes classified in the order Agaricales (Agaricomycotina). More than 30 species are described worldwide, but only few of them are generally accepted. Opinions about morphological delimitation and number of the species are very variable in the current literature. Traditionally, up to eight species are recognised, although more than 30 European species were described. Our preliminary phylogenetic study suggests existence of more than 25 molecular operation units in Europe that probably represent independent species. Aim of the project is to define European and North American Dermoloma species by means of molecular and morphological methods and to assign them correct names. Fungi of the genus Dermoloma are essential part of grassland ecosystems and accordingly this project will deal with studies of environmental soil samples. We will look for suitable metabarcode for identification of species using next generation sequencing (metagenomics).


· to define phylogenetic delimitation and placement of the genus

· to recognise molecular operation units based on molecular analysis and to identify their relationships within the genus Dermoloma

· to identify reliable morphological characters for the molecular operation units recognised by molecular studies

· to assess valid and correct names for defined species based on revision of original description and type material

· to evaluate evolutionary morphological and ecological adaptations

· to identify molecular markers suitable for metabarcoding of soil samples

· to test impact of various grassland managments (particularly mulching) to species diversity and abundance of Dermoloma

The principal investigator of the project is Slavomír Adamčík; project was performed by MEM members and other colleagues from Plant Science and Biodiversity Centre SAS.